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A Cook and More

106212234_278611506794292_3453658464572920074_n-1We love it when team members recognize each others' outstanding work. And that's how our most recent hero got nominated. 

Dale is our cook at Adelaide Place in Fond du Lac. In order to be the great team member and cook that he is, Dale has made personal relationships with all the residents. He knows what every resident likes to eat - and what they don't like. He  makes time during his busy day full of cooking to get to know the residents. 

Dale also cares about the caregivers at Adelaide Place. If he sees that they could use an extra hand, he joins them to help. Even though he isn't a caregiver, he goes above and beyond to make sure the residents are comfortable. It's important to Dale that the residents are happy, and he always finds a way to put a smile on their faces.

His team members say that he has always been very kind to all the staff and residents and never lets the stress of his day get to him.

Dale demonstrates our value of Love Others in everything he does - whether for the residents or for the caregivers.

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