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A Leader Who Serves


You don't have to be in a leadership role to be a leader - you just have to want to serve. Now, that might sound like a contradiction; after all, aren't leaders the ones who get served? But the greatest leaders are not those who assert their authority over others but, rather, those who inspire others to join them by having a servant's heart. And that's where our hero comes in this week.

Stephanie isn't in an official leadership role among her team at Azalea Place, but she has built trust with her team as she has grown in knowledge and, subsequently, the ability to take on responsibilities. In fact, she has shown herself to be so thorough and experienced that she has become the go-to person when someone needs to be trained. Not only is she able to transfer her knowledge to those she trains but she also transfers the intangible qualities that make her an excellent caregiver. 

And it shows. Even families notice. In fact, one family said that they feel comfortable having their loved one at Azalea Place because of the care, knowledge, experience, and thoroughness that Stephanie brings.

And it's all because of her servant leadership that she can Build Trust (our mission!). 


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