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Amber the Planner


Our hero on April 26, 2019 was Amber, a caregiver at Azalea Place in Kenosha. Although all of our homes did an outstanding job celebrating Easter with the residents, Amber planned Azalea's party without anyone giving her direction about what to do or how to do it - and it was soooooo fun for residents and team members alike!

From decorating for Easter . . . to planning activities . . . to planning and preparing the meal . . . Amber made sure it all got done.

At Frontida Assisted Living, one of our values is to "have fun," and Amber was the hero at Azalea Place that made that happen! 

Such a great celebration of special events makes everyone feel like a part of something special - because they are! And that's our value of "love others" on display!

Thank you to Amber for making Frontida a great place to live!