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An Unexpected Success


Does 400 of something sound like a lot? Maybe not if it's 400 pennies . . . or 400 snowflakes . . . or 400 puppies (you can never have too many puppies, right?!)

But what if it's 400 kids in an assisted living facility? That's a LOT! And that's how many kids came to Frontida of Kimberly's Halloween Trick-or-Treating. And it was spearheaded by this week's hero: Kat.

Kat is a caregiver at Frontida of Kimberly, and she had the idea to host indoor Trick-or-Treating this year. She planned activities and prizes and made sure there was a lot of candy. But she had no idea that 400 kids in costumes would show up!

When they were lined up all the way out the door, she realized they needed more candy - and fast! After a trip to the store, they had plenty more candy and got all the kids stocked up.

Everyone had so much fun that they decided to make it an annual event.

Now, Kat isn't just great at planning Halloween parties, she has also planned other community involvement events, including coordinating with a local high school for students to come in and do activities with the residents. Our residents get so much joy out of having visitors, and the students are finding that hanging out with an older generation has it's benefits, too, so it's a win-win for everyone.

One of Frontida's values is "Have Fun" - and Kat makes that happen - and she "Works Hard" doing it (another one of our values). 

If you haven't seen Frontida of Kimberly, you should check it out!

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