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Calm Through The Storm

hero jasmine

You know that moment when you hear the tornado sirens start blaring and you wonder if there's really a tornado and it's worth going into the basement or if you should just wait to see if it's actually serious? That's a decision our hero was faced with, and she handled it perfectly.

Jasmine, a caregiver at Golden Oaks Home, had settled the residents into bed and by 10pm all was quiet . . . until . . . the tornado siren started blaring. 

Knowing that she couldn't risk questioning the alarm or waiting to see if it was serious, she calmly took the lead in getting all the residents safely and quickly into the tornado shelter while keeping Char (the administrator) informed by phone of what was happening. What a challenge!

Jasmine's ability to stay focused and calm in order to follow proper procedure reassured the residents of her capable leadership as she helped them move to safety.

And, I know you're wondering . . . was the tornado siren legit? You bet it was. A tornado did touch down in Waukesha County. Thankfully Golden Oaks Home was not affected . . .  except for the disruption to the residents' sleep.

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