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Charles Truly Cares


Male caregivers are less common than female caregivers, but they are a blessing to have around! Not only do they provide a unique approach and perspective, but it can be good for male residents to have the option to have a male caregiver for certain personal cares.

Our hero this week is one of our male caregivers: Charles from Willowgreen Home in Racine. 

Charles is always watching out for the needs of others and cares deeply about the little things that make the days brighter for each of our residents.

Something that our residents love is when Charles brings his baby to Willowgreen Home on his days off to spend time with the residents that really enjoy holding a baby and playing with kids.

While at work, he checks in with all the residents to make sure everyone is taken care of and has whey they need, even residents that aren't on the side of the building where he is scheduled!

Residents love Charles and talk about how patient and caring he is. He demonstrates our values of Work Hard, Love Others, and Have Fun.