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Colondra Keeps Her Cool

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Sometimes, when others feel anxiety about something they have to do, it helps to create an atmosphere that brings down the stress and feels fun and relaxed. That was Colondra's creative solution to a resident's anxiety.

Colondra is our team lead at Golden Oaks Home. A resident was anxious about taking a medication, but Colondra stayed cool under pressure.  She helped take the resident's mind off of the anxiety by turning it into the famous Price Is Right game show announcement: "come on down!” 

What a fun way to bring down the tension! And one of our values IS "Have Fun!" It truly is one of the ways that we make Frontida Assisted Living a great place to live!

Not only does Colondra make it fun, but as a team lead, expectations are high and Colondra leads well, setting an example of great team work by helping out and chipping in wherever she can without a second thought. She's always looking out for the team and the residents.  Whatever is best for them, that's what she does.

One of our other 5 values is "Working Hard" and Colondra puts in 100% every day.