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Devajay's Values In Action


Our hero on March 8, 2019 was Devajay. When a resident had to be hospitalized, he was on top of making sure that all the documenting was done properly and, out of concern for the resident, stayed past his shift to be sure that he was there when she returned to welcome her back and see how she was doing and help her get settled back in. 

At Frontida, our team embraces our values, and it shows. Devajay lived out the value of Work Hard by staying past his shift to provide consistency from home to hospital and back. Our value of Follow The Rules was lived out in the way that he was comprehensive in his documenting. And, of course, he showed our value of Love Others in the way that showed concern for the resident by being there for her when she arrived back at the home. 

We are thankful that you are on our team, Devajay!