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Extra Help Just When We Need It

angela pierceAngela is on our team at Frontida of Kimberly as a per diem caregiver. And with all the extra hands-on-deck that we've needed during this pandemic, she has been picking up a LOT of shifts, which has been so incredibly helpful to us. And she goes above and beyond to Work Hard when it comes to helping out. 
Sometimes she comes in just to deep cleans rooms or help organize residents’ rooms. This is a huge help to her team because it allows them to provide constant care while she takes the burden of deep cleaning off their shoulders. She's also been seen scrubbing every nook and cranny on wheelchairs to get them exceptionally clean on wheelchair cleaning day. 
She also shows that she Loves Others by the sacrifices that she makes for them. One day a resident had a special request for some personal care that he wanted done, and Angela volunteered to come in just to help him. And when it comes to sacrificing for her team, she does that, too: If other caregivers need some time off, she will pick up shifts for them. 
And, especially valuable to our residents, she will sit and visit with the residents, learning things about the residents that we never knew. This lives out our value of Have Fun!

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