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Facing Challenges Head On

heatther hero

Being new in the workplace is intimidating enough. Being new and having a difficult situation to deal with on your first day . . . really intimidating. But our hero pushed through.

Heather is a new caregiver at Azalea Place in Kenosha. On her first day of work, she had to deal with a really difficult situation and, instead of curling up in a ball (like she probably wanted to!), she tackled the challenge head on and figured out how to handle it. What a way to start!

Not only did that provide an opportunity to boost her own confidence in her work, it boosted her team's confidence in her, too. Her team says that she is eager to learn, wants to make sure she's doing things correctly, and that she asks a lot of questions. We love that! (Asking questions is an indication of intelligence.)

The perseverance to stick through a really hard first day is a valuable trait. Heather is already embracing our value of Work Hard!

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