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Fantasy Island, Fond du Lac


On March 14, 2019, Fond du lac had several streets and businesses closed due to ice jams on the Fond du Lac river. At 4:30pm, our team member, Tim, after having left work for the day, received a call from an employee who lives close to Adelaide Place saying her house was flooded as well as the surrounding area.

Tim immediately returned to Adelaide, went around several police barriers, and could literally see the water rising over the curb on our side street. He made it to the parking lot.

Just before 5:00, our house manager, Jessi, and our administrator, Judy, were notified and though Judy was close, the police would not let her through.

Jessi started to call local hotels to see how many rooms would be available. Judy started to call Nursing Homes and secured 8 rooms at Harbor Haven if needed. 

It became obvious nobody would be leaving that night, including the wife of one of our residents. Tim and the team members already present in the house kept everyone in the common areas in the event they'd have to evacuate.

They were informed the gas was turned off - so no hot water, stoves, or hallway heat.

At 9:00pm they had everyone ready for bed, deciding they would have to sit tight as the water continued to rise. The fence down by the retention pond was totally underwater so the water was at least 4 feet.

At 10:30pm a night shift team member, Theresa, waded through the water to get to work  after her car stalled in high water. She was wet up above her waist. 

Tim checked outside every 15-30 minutes, taking note of the water level as it continued to rise. It was not until about 3:00am that the level slowly started to recede. Team members had moved their cars up onto the lawn as water was halfway up the parking lot. 

At 7:00am, another faithful team member, Karla, walked in through the water to get to work, wet up to mid-thigh.

Plans were made for meals in Nescos and crock pots as we had no stove.

Jessi got Josh Duel to bring her in to work by truck mid-morning and finally got a few team members to go home.

Josh took our resident's wife home and took staff home with another truck.

By 2nd shift the road in front was open to Seymour Street. Several Liberty House staff came over to help.

Tiffany, another team member, went and picked up the resident's wife and brought her back to Adelaide Place to get her vehicle. 

All the families were called and updated on our exciting night and were all appreciative.

The gas was not turned back on until Saturday morning. Jessi had a Nesco full of hot water  to take to do resident cares. We were unable to do dishes or wash due to restrictions. So the weekend was spent playing catch-up. Thank God we did not have to evacuate. 

We were definitely on an island to ourselves with Tim running the island. His new nickname is Tattoo. Thank you to staff who stayed all night!

Everyone who helped with this is a hero!