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Give me a C!


Have you heard of the DISC assessment? It's a personality assessment, and we use it a lot at Frontida Assisted Living. It helps us understand each person on our team, making us better able to match team members to roles and tasks that fit their strengths. 

This week's hero has, what we would call, "a lot of C." That means that a dominant personality trait for her is the "C" in DISC, which stands for "Conscientiousness."

Marilyn, a caregiver at Adelaide Place in Fond du Lac, demonstrated her conscientiousness by taking on the task of cleaning wheelchairs and walkers and then developing a schedule so that they are regularly cleaned. Her attention to detail, her planning, and her ability to create order brought her hard work and care for others to the attention of her team, who nominated her as a hero.

Additionally, she was noticed for her growth mindset, even asking her manager "how can I improve?" We love when our team wants to grow personally and professionally.

And speaking of professional, that is another area of strength for Marilyn: her charting and documenting has been recognized as being professional which is important for effective communication.

And because of her "high C," Marilyn is an excellent 3rd shift trainer - a very important role since 3rd shift sets up the day for the next shift, ensuring that everything goes smoothly as residents awake and go about their day.

Marilyn displays our values of Work Hard and Love Others - and everyone needs a "C" on their team!

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