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Growing for the Team

We love to be a stepping stone to get people to the next "stone" of their journey. So it goes without saying that we value personal growth. So does our hero this week.

Lexi is a caregiver at Frontida of Kimberly. She is currently in nursing school and recently got med certified to be able to assist our residents with taking their medications. This is a big deal because the role of "med-passer" requires someone who is detail-oriented and thorough, and it is a big responsibility. It is also beneficial to Lexi's professional development, and we love that!

In addition to those steps that Lexi is taking, she also stepped up to represent Frontida at Paperfest, one of Kimberly's local festivals, including taking part in their 5K!

Lexi is an asset to Frontida and an inspiration to anyone dedicated to personal growth.


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