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In Good Hands

saleemahSaleemah is a caregiver at Liberty House in Fond du Lac. Recently, the assistant house manager at Liberty House took some much-needed PTO and put Saleemah in charge while she was gone. Saleemah met and exceed everyone's expectations, even in the face of challenges.
One of the challenges Saleemah faced was an opening in the 3rd shift schedule. As you can imagine, 3rd shift is the hardest shift to fill, but Saleemah Worked Hard and was able to get all the  shifts filled, which helped the whole team work more efficiently.
In line with our value of "Tell the Truth," while the assistant house manager was away, Saleemah typed up a report of what happened each day and had it on the assistant house manager's desk when she returned, making it easy for the assistant house manager to quickly catch up with the goings-on of the house while she was gone. 
Saleemah also showed that she was capable of putting in an effective grocery order - even knowing the protocol to print a receipt for tracking expenses - an example of our value of Follow The Rules. 
And to top it all off, Saleemah did some extra cleaning and organizing in the assistant house manager's office while she was away - and had the office decorated for the celebration of the assistant house manager's birthday upon her return!
What peace of mind it brings to know that, as an assistant house manager, you are leaving your home in good hands!

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