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Intuition is Key

hero JennaRecently, a resident started having some symptoms* that one of our caregivers at Liberty House, Jenna, could tell were just not right. Being concerned about the symptoms and trusting her gut, Jenna made the decision to call an ambulance to take the resident to the hospital. Jenna also called the resident's family.
The resident's family member later talked to Angela, the assistant house manager at Liberty House, and couldn't say enough about how impressed she was with how Jenna handled the whole situation. 
She was impressed that Jenna was able to sense that something was "off" and needed immediate attention. 
She was also impressed with how calm, confident, and professional Jenna was when relaying the information to the family about what the resident was experiencing and the need for her to go to the hospital. 
And what makes all of this even more impressive is that Jenna is young, having just graduated from high school this past spring.
We are proud of Jenna and the maturity she had to trust her gut in this situation and to keep calm under the pressure of it. It also says a lot that Jenna knew that Angela would trust her to make the right decision.
(*NOTE: the symptoms were NOT COVID symptoms and this scenario is not related to COVID in any way)

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