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John to the Rescue!

Our Hero this week went well beyond his job description to help his team out! Our Caregivers go through training so they know how to care for people with dementia, but our hero this week is our maintenance specialist; he doesn't go through all of the training that our caregivers do, yet he still was right there to help his team at a busy point in the day. He helped during meal time, he sat with the resident and talked for a while as well as assisted the caregivers with whatever they needed to keep things running smoothly.  If a resident would approach him with behaviors he would redirect them to something else and once they were settled he would continue on with what he was working on. John is living out our values of loving others by going above his job duties to care for our residents. John is our hero this week because of his quick thinking and support!plumber-3219389_960_720