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Keepin' It Hot!

Life can get you down when you just sit around with nothing to do all day. That's why our hero makes sure that doesn't happen at Frontida!

Cindy is the Life Enrichment Coordinator at Golden Oaks Home in New Berlin.

She's embraced her role with the goal to "spice it up" - and boy, does she ever!

Think assisted living residents can't experience Hawaii? Wrong! Cindy brought Hawaii to them with a week-long luau!

These pics are worth a thousand words. Keep keeping it spicy, Cindy!


GOH luau GOH luau 2 GOH Luau 3  

luau 4 luau 6  luau 8

 luau 9  luau 10  luau 11

 laua 12  luau 13  luau 14

 luau 14  luau 15  luau 16

luau luau  luau 17  



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