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Kylie Creates a Connection


Our hero on March 29 was Kylie from Liberty House in Fond du Lac. Her story is one of compassion and stepping in to help.

Liberty House is for those with dementia, and all of our team members there are specially trained to know how to communicate and care for those with all types of dementia. 

A doctor had come in to the home to see one of the residents and Kylie noticed that the doctor was having trouble communicating with the resident.

Kylie saw how things were going and stepped in, using her specialized training to understand what the resident was saying. She then communicated that to the doctor. She then stayed with the doctor and the resident to continue to facilitate the conversation. (Shout out Jessica who was also helping keep the manager in the loop at to the communication with the doctor!)

Our team members care so much about our residents and advocating for them is as natural as advocating for a family member. To advocate means "to plead the cause of another" or "to support another." Kylie was definitely an advocate for that resident. 

We are thankful to have the BEST caregivers.