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Little-Known Hero-Work


If you're not a caregiver, you might not understand, but keeping things organized in assisted living is a big deal - and it requires someone who is willing to take the lead and who can inspire accountability. That's what our hero has done.

Devonna is a caregiver at Azalea Place in Kenosha. She knew that the Administrator had been wanting to get the linen and chemical closet re-organized, so rather than waiting for someone else to do it, she completed all of her tasks and then made time to hit the closet. 

But she didn't just move things around. Nooooo. She actually coordinated the re-organization with our maintenance person to get all the shelving in correctly to maximize space!

Once it was done, she did a mini-training on how it was organized so that other caregivers could see the layout and help maintain its organized appearance.

Devonna is in the flow of Azalea's culture, and now she's training new caregivers how to get into the flow, too! She wants everyone to feel like they belong!

She believes that training isn't just about telling people how to do things, it's about helping people internalize information by giving it to them in a way that resonates with their style.

Way to go, Devonna!

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