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Meeting Emotional Needs


We recently posted a very popular blog on the importance of meeting the emotional needs of the elderly, and this week's hero is a living demonstration of the tips in the article. (If you haven't read the blog, you should!)

Desiree, our hero this week, works at Azalea Place in Kenosha, and had been a caregiver prior to joining our team, but the residents at Azalea Place have some different needs than what many caregivers are used to because they are dealing with mental health issues.

In order to learn the unique needs of our residents, Desiree, when she's done with her tasks, takes time to sit down one-on-one with each resident. She gives each resident focused attention, asking them questions about themselves and taking an interest in who they are.

Her approach is meeting not just the physical needs of our residents but their emotional needs as well, and embraces our values of Work Hard and Love Others!

Additionally, another one of our values is Tell The Truth, and Desiree is embracing this in an important way, too: she is willing to be vulnerable enough to say when she needs help with something or to ask a question when she doesn't know something. That kind of vulnerability is an important aspect of honesty.

We're pleased to have you on our team, Desiree! Thanks for being a hero!