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One Team One Score During Crisis

DLydia Frantzuring times of crisis extra help is needed in many areas of our lives. One of our heroes at Adelaide Place gets the spotlight this week for her willingness to Work Hard and provide the extra help and support that is needed for both her team and the residents.

Adelaide Place is Lydia's home base, but when she heard that Liberty House needed help, she jumped in to help out there even though it's not where she usually works, showing that she understands that, at Frontida, we're "one team, one score." Lydia is attentive to ways she can help her team, and nothing is too big or too small for her to be willing to help with.

When it comes to the residents, Lydia has a heart of gold as she works with our residents. She jokes around with them and takes the time to listen to what they have to say. She feels very deeply for the residents and has even been seen crying with them as they share with her.

And, being one of the younger members of the team at Adelaide Place, we’ve seen a lot of growth in Lydia. Two years ago when she first joined our team, she was new to responsibility and to hard work – but you wouldn’t know it now! She’s grown so much in her willingness to take responsibility and, when she sees something that could be done better, she comes up with solutions.

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