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Putting the Fun in Frontida


Can you think of someone who know who could be described as a "walking party"? That's the way our hero from Liberty House is described!

One of our values is "Have Fun," and as soon as Taylor walks in the door, the fun has arrived. She has the kind of personality that gives everything a burst of energy: she greets everyone jovially, snack time turns into a party, and everyone's attention is drawn to the community that is created when she is there.

Not only does she bring the fun every day, she brings it for special events, too. Did you know that Liberty House is raising money for their 2019 Walk to End Alz team? (You can donate to their team for the October 5, 2019 walk here.) Taylor helped with their brat fry and lemonade stand and turned those into extra fun events, too!

Fun is important because it's a key aspect of building trust, and we love having caregivers who bring it! 

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