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You're My Hero

heroesStudents from Kimberly High School come to Frontida of Kimberly on a weekly basis to spend time with the residents. Of course the residents love having visitors, but it’s wonderful and emotional to see the impact that it has on the students as it opens their eyes to the wisdom and friendship that can be gained from developing relationships with those who are elderly.

  students and elderly as heroes  

Here are some of the students’ reflections:

The two ladies [that I sat with] were so happy, and it made me happy as well because they were able to remember the things they loved and that they still love. We talked about their children and families and about fishing because we both like to fish and were able to share funny stories.


I enjoyed being able to talk to the residents and learn a little about them. One of them lived in Sweden until she was 17 and the other has seven kids! Both of them live a full interesting life.


Being at Frontida gave me a great sense of joy in that I discovered many things that I liked that I often didn't talk about, and I got to learn more about the resident I met and discovered that we both enjoy life, laughing, and being happy.


Being at Frontida really changed my thoughts about certain things. As I was having a long conversation with a resident, he began asking me the same questions over and over. I began to realize that he could not remember asking me the questions before. The feelings I had from this was sad but also joy. I was sad that he could not remember; however, every single time he would ask me where I wanted to go to school and I would tell him, he would get very excited for me and tell me how wonderful that was. I had a super fun time, and going to Frontida is my favorite part of the week.


My experience at Frontida is very fun. The resident I talked to was a very kind, humorous man. I learned about his life and asked him lots of questions, and he also asked questions about my own life. He was very easy to talk to and very enthusiastic. It was fun.


Although the resident I was paired up with did not talk much, she was still a joy to be around and interact with. 


It was very cool to see all the things we had in common and see how happy it made her to talk about them. She was very easy to talk to and also had a sense of humor, which made the experience more enjoyable for me.


My experience was amazing! I met a new resident. She is so sweet, and we talked a lot about her husband and her 7 children! I am really getting to know the residents well, and I am really enjoying my time at Frontida!


I got to sit with two residents. We played games, talked about their lives, and got to know each other. I learned that they both served in the army, one was a Marine and the other was in the Airforce. They both served 4 years and attended college when they got home. I’m happy I get to see them again because they are talkative and lively, so it is easy to make conversation with them.


I was paired up with a resident who was a very talkative and sweet lady. She had arthritis, and it made me feel bad for her because I could tell that it was debilitating for her. But I had a really good time talking to her. She told me about her SEVEN kids, which sounds absolutely crazy to me! She also told me how she loves to garden. She also has 20 grandkids and some great grandkids. I hope that I can live long enough to see my great grandkids just like she does.


Today I sat down with two residents to talk about their lives and play some games. We talked about how both they both served in the military and about any interesting stories that they had during their time. We also talked about what they did for a job when they came back and how their life had changed. During my time I started to feel more comfortable with being able to get to know them better.


I really enjoyed being with the resident I was paired with. She is very quiet and doesn’t really talk, but I was able to open her up using yes or no questions, and she was beginning to communicate with me. Everyone was so energetic and happy.

heroes elderly and youth

Not only are these students heroes in the residents' eyes for providing them the delight of young visitors, but the students get a glimpse into the lives of the residents and are able to see the hero in them.



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