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Someone to Count On

stephanieStephanie is a caregiver at Azalea Place in Kenosha.

Recently there was a power outage in one resident's room. It didn't cause a fire, but there was a spark that blew all the fuses in her room, and it scared the resident.

Not only that, but the resident got stuck in her recliner because it was a power recliner. Stephanie responded calmly and with compassion. She helped the resident get out of her chair, and she got her comfortable in a new room with all the supplies she needed for the night until the power could be restored.

The next day the resident said "If I didn't have Stephanie there last night, I would have died." It was her way of saying how grateful she was for Stephanie's help. Stephanie had made her feel really comfortable and safe. A true example of Love Others!

And, for those of you wondering about the power, Stephanie took the lead on that, too. She Followed the Rules and made the necessary calls to to get an electrician in there and get it fixed. Isn't it great to have someone you can count on to help you feel safe?

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