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Something to Celebrate

hero missy

Two years ago as of the writing of this post (October 25, 2019) was a momentous day for Frontida Assisted Living. It was the day we took over what is now Frontida of Kimberly. Before we took over, the community had trouble and didn't have a strong team. And it was during that time that we hired this week's hero.

Missy, a caregiver at Frontida of Kimberly, has been with us from the beginning of our Kimberly journey. That means that she has gone through some really hard things with us, and that's heroic in and of itself.

But what has made her our hero today is the consistent feedback we get from resident families that they are very comfortable with Missy, that she is fun, and that it is obvious that she takes pleasure in being there and taking care of the residents. Missy's enthusiasm shines like a light for everyone who walks in!

She exemplifies our values of "Love Others, Work Hard, and Have Fun."

And, for those of you who are curious: after all of our hard work at Frontida of Kimberly over the past two years, we are currently at near-capacity and are enjoying a great reputation in the community. And that's something to celebrate, too! 


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