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There For The Team


Caregiving is a difficult job, and those with caregiving in their veins tend to go the extra mile not only at work, but at home, too. And when life gets difficult, caregivers need someone to care for them, too. That's where Saleemah comes in.

Saleemah is a caregiver at Liberty House in Fond du Lac. Some of the caregivers on the team there were experiencing some difficulties outside of work, which was having an impact on those caregivers. Recognizing that, Saleemah gave up her weekend plans to fill shifts for those who couldn't be there.

That's one of the ways that we “Love Others” at Frontida. We don't just say we're part of a team, we live it, and we help each other out. Saleemah demonstrated that by her selflessness.

Not only does Saleemah's care shine through with her team members, residents also comment on how she takes her time with them and doesn't rush through their cares.

We are so grateful to have Saleemah on our team, living out our values of 

Love Others

Work Hard

and Have Fun!