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There's More To Caregiving Than Cares


What could be better than getting recognized as a hero by your team? How about getting recognized as a hero by a family member of those you provide care for!

That's the situation for our most recent hero, Josh. A family member of a resident at Willowgreen Home, where Josh is a caregiver, told us that Josh has made a positive impact on the residents at Willoowgreen Home. Here's how:

You know how you can tell the difference between when someone is really listening to you and when they're just tolerating your talking until you're done? Josh is one of those people who really listens. Taking the time to spend with each resident and giving them his full attention, he listens intently to whatever they have to say.

When someone gives you that kind of attention, it's a sign that they really care - and that's how the residents and families feel at Willowgreen Home, and they enjoy spending time with him. 

One of our values is "Love Others," and Josh is a great example of what that looks like. 

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