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What Can I Do?


"Hit the door running" . . .  is that what your colleagues do? Not our hero this week!

Deb is a caregiver at Liberty House in Fond du Lac. When her shift is over, she doesn't just drop everything and say "I'm outta here!" She maintains her teamwork attitude by thinking ahead to what the caregivers coming in to the house next are going to need and doing what she can to help them do their job well. 

Every day, Deb asks herself this question: "What can I do now that will help my team later?" Some things she comes up with: pull items out of the freezer to thaw for meal prep, make sure the med cart is clean and organized, don't leave any unfinished tasks for someone else to do, and restock items that are running low.

"Just go home and leave a bunch of work for me" said no one ever. When team members work hard and work together, the team works harder, everyone is happier, and the residents reap the benefits of a happy, healthy team.

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