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What is important to you?

Ashley from Kimberly

Nothing means more than to know that someone cares about what is important to you.

Our hero this week, Ashley, is a caregiver at Frontida of Kimberly, one of our 3 Memory Care homes. As she was caring for a resident with dementia, the resident was having difficulty understanding and accepting the care that Ashley was trying to provide.


Because Ashley cares so much about this resident, she had studied the resident's care plan and had gotten to know the resident and the things that are important to her. So, during the difficulties the resident was having accepting care, Ashley remembered that the resident likes to pray, and Ashley started reciting the Lord's Prayer. Immediately, calmness came over the resident - and the whole room - and the resident began to say the prayer with Ashley over and over, and began to accept the care that Ashley was providing. 

What a special way to connect in way that means so much to the resident! Knowing what is important to other people is one of the ways that we, at Frontida, live out our value of Love Others, and Ashley is a shining example of that.

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