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Who Knew?

angelDuring the COVID-19 crisis we have hired displaced workers and students to help us out as temp workers, and they truly have been our heroes. This week we are highlighting a temp worker at Willowgreen Home in Racine. 

Angel was hired to help with cleaning and sanitizing the building and didn't have any formal caregiving experience. One day Willowgreen Home found that they needed some help "on the floor" (that's healthcare lingo for "working directly with patients/residents"), and when Angel was asked if he could help, he jumped right in. Turns out he was a natural . . . and he loved it. The residents love him, too. He has a casual, easy-going style that communicates his respect for the residents.

His willingness to help where needed displays our value of Work Hard. And his interactions with the residents show that he Loves Others, another of our values. 

Thanks, Angel, for being a hero!

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