For the last ten years, Frontida Assisted Living has operated three CBRF homes in Milwaukee - Fardale Home, Wabash Home and Magnolia House. We are proud of the work that we have accomplished in these homes and we have become a leader in long term care for those affected with mental illness in Milwaukee. We’ve also stablished a strong workplace culture and are proud of the team who lives out our values every day. 

We believe that now is the right time to transfer ownership of these three homes to a new operator, Willowbrook Senior Living. These three homes are unique in assisted living and our belief is that they will achieve even more success with the focused attention that this new operator will provide. We are confident that the leadership of Willowbrook Senior Living will continue the traditions that we have established over the last ten years. 

The managers and teams in these homes are strong; the residents are in great hands. I know that the caregivers at these locations have deep devotion to the residents and the care they provide is second to none. I am so grateful for the time that I have had to lead these teams—I know that I am stronger because of their influence in my life.

On February 1, 2019, the new operator will be in place. You can learn more at I welcome your questions as well. More than anything, I am grateful for the confidence that you have placed in Frontida Assisted Living. I know that your support in the coming days will also be valuable – thank you.