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Thank you so much for providing a comfortable and caring home for our mother. We have been very fortunate to have you and your team taking care of our mother and doing the chores she needed done 24 hours each day. Mom always said, "They are so good to me here." Your love for our mother is overwhelming in many ways!

Family Member, Adelaide Place

I wanted to thank you for the tours today! We are excited to be able to network with you. We commented to our leadership staff how much we enjoyed your facilities and how much we were able to see the genuine care you have for the residents you work. Your facilities are definitely taking pride in making resident feel that they have found their forever homes. We were also impressed on the dedication your company has to your staff.

Kari, Director of Social Services

We went to Willowgreen Home on Thanksgiving and had dinner with my sister. I just wanted you to know what a great job everyone did from cooking, serving, and staff treating us so politely. Thanks for running such a fine facility!

Gary S., Family Member

I feel better knowing he’s being so well taken care of, considering how far away I live.

Family Member (Resides in Utah)

We would like to thank management, staff and residents for the wonderful care and love our mom received while at Liberty House and Adelaide Place. Keep up the high quality of loving care for one another.

Family Member, Fond du Lac

Thank you for letting me be a part of a team that works hard, has fun, and truly loves others. Loving others is the real work we do at Frontida. That begins at the top and works its way down to every employee. You lead by example!

Dawn B., Caregiver

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Golden Oaks Home. I'm extremely impressed with (Manager) Char. I work with people in other settings and she is by far the most caring and tuned into her residents that I have seen. If I could I would have my whole caseload at Golden Oaks Home. We were truly blessed to find this home.

Mary, Social Worker

Azalea Place is a lovely home. I can see why people in the community speak so highly of Frontida Assisted Living!

Barb W., Family Member

My sister is very pleased with the care my father is receiving. His room stays clean and organized and he is dressed in clean clothes! This is 5 star care! Thanks for your time and effort with this process.

Family Member, Magnolia House

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting Frontida's Back to School Bash! My kids had fun and we really appreciate the backpacks and school supplies! Thank you for the food and games as well and all that you did. I'm happy to be a part of Frontida. You guys are the best!

Cindy, Golden Oaks Caregiver

Thank you for taking such good care of my Mom and being so kind to our entire family. Frontida was truly the best place she could have been for her last days.

Chris F., Family member

Your thoughtful wishes and caring smiles are all I need to know that you are the right Assisted Living for my Dad. I am so happy my Dad, my family, and I got to know each and every one of you. I would choose you all over again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Barb, Family Member

Char, I wanted to thank you and your team at Magnolia House for all of your hard work with my client. I know she posed a lot of challenges and I appreciate the compassion with which you addressed her concerns each day. All of you are very appreciated!

Laura, Case Manager

Char and her team at Magnolia House are a huge asset to residents with mental health needs in this community. They continue to amaze me with their compassion and willingness to work with a very difficult resident. Frontida is my first call for any clients with mental health needs.

Laura W., Social Worker

"WOW! What a difference!" I have been travelling to see my precious Mum in America for the last four years. She is living with dementia. I was so thankful for the good care she was being given. Then I met the new manager, Terri, at Frontida of Kimberly. Wow! What a difference when I walked into the home! The atmosphere was different in so many ways. My mum was talkative and happy. The staff were happy. What made the biggest difference is that Terri was approachable from the start. I could talk to her about anything having to do with my mother's care. She is patient and extremely knowledgeable about dementia. She has made improvements in the home that have impacted it in the most positive way for all who live there and visit. Terri works so hard and interacts with the residents and staff and is so welcoming to families. She has such a demanding job, yet is always available.I would like to thank Terri from the bottom of my heart -- and Frontida for placing Terri there. Since I live in England, Terri always responds to me via email on how my mum is doing. I am grateful for the time she spends on this.I hope that managers like Terri are rewarded for the efforts they put in, because Terri goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible care is given to residents and staff. She is very inspirational and an excellent leader and face for Frontida Assisted Living. Thank you for looking after my mum.

Resident's mother, Frontida of Kimberly

We are blessed that Mom is at Frontida Assisted Living. You are making her days brighter. It is such a relief to us.

Resident's Family, Adelaide Place

I know that my mom is in the BEST place. You truly make it feel like family.

Resident's Daughter, Willowgreen Home

My cousin absolutely loves it at Frontida Assisted Living. She loves the people, loves the home, and really enjoys mingling with other residents.

Resident's Cousin, Adelaide Place

My mom gets excited about spa days when she gets her nails done!

Resident's Daughter, Adelaide Place

Since coming to Frontida, my niece is talking more clearly, socializing, and doing activities that she wouldn't do before.

Resident's Aunt, Liberty House

You can still have a good life with Alzheimer's. Frontida Assisted Living helped make that happen.

Resident's Daughter, Adelaide Place

Do you guys know how awesome you all are? You reply to emails almost immediately instead of days. And wait…your replies have answers instead of more questions. . . Whaaaaaaaaaat? All policies are reasonable. . . Do you know what a ridiculous 180 degree change that is from the corporate culture? You have a good thing going. Keep up the good work.

Dale, New Employee

Working for Frontida Assisted Living for the past four years has been truly a blessing. I have been a part of such a caring team. The caregivers that I work along side of provide nothing less but high-quality care. The residents are in the best hands. The caregivers are in great hands. The combination of the two make Frontida an excellent provider all across the board.

Gabby, Caregiver, Manager, Administrator

I've been with Frontida since day one. I love the residents, and they get the greatest care. The caregivers are the best because we work as a team. I love it here! I believe it's what I'm here for: to take care of them, and I have fun doing activities with them and talking with them. It's surprising what you can learn from the residents. It's a great place to work!

Kathryn, Caregiver