Who Is Frontida Assisted Living?

Meet our senior leadership team and learn about our mission to provide Wisconsin seniors with the very best in assisted living and care

Crystal J. Miller


Steve Miller

Vice President

Jamie Mahoney

Jamie Mahoney

Senior Vice President

Terri Jochmann

Director of Operations

Sara Langley

Director of Nursing Services

Aaron Thomas, Regional Director of Sales for Frontida Management Group

Aaron Thomas

Regional Director of Sales

Dennis Gabel

Regional Facilities Director

Nicolette Ogier, OTR/L, Frontida Management Group VP of Clinical Operations

Nicolette Ogier

VP of Clinical Operations

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Our senior living mission

Frontida wants to be the name you trust with your senior assisted living needs

At Frontida, trust is the cornerstone of everything we do.  

From our senior leadership to our valued team members—we’re deeply committed to forging bonds of trust with all the seniors and families we’re honored to serve.  

At Frontida, trust is something we’re always focused on nurturing and building. We do this through our core values to: 

  • Tell the truth 
  • Work hard 
  • Follow the rules 
  • Love others 
  • And, have fun! 

We recognize that we have a big responsibility—and we don’t take it lightly.  

We’re motivated by the stories we hear about the positive impacts we can have on real families when our mission is fulfilled.  

From the daughter who tells us she’s finally getting a good night’s sleep—freed from constantly worrying her senior mother might be in trouble or distress… 

To the son who shares that a weight has been lifted from his shoulders, now that he knows and trusts his father is receiving the care and support he needs… 

To the grandchild who is excited to visit her grandma in her new apartment because she’s happy and smiling again and they get to enjoy their time together playing… 

These stories light us up and spur us on to keep offering you the best in personalized assisted living and care.  

At Frontida Assisted Living, we’re here for all of it. We’re committed to working through difficult situations and solving problems so our residents can enjoy their lives.  

And we succeed because we first build trust. 

The Journey to Frontida

Learn how a deep desire to be of service led a dynamic couple to create a forward-looking assisted living compan

We’re Crystal and Steve Miller, and together, we founded Frontida Assisted Living. We’d love to share some of our story with you.  

The journey that led us to Frontida began in 2009. At that time, we’d never considered entering the world of care. But, approached with an opportunity to become owners of three assisted living communities, the notion of being involved in an industry that cares for those who could no longer support themselves really resonated with us.  

In a position to make good on the offer, we stepped up to the challenge.  

To truly make it our own, we revisited the name of our brand to create something that represented what we valued in care providers—honesty and compassionate, trustworthy care.  

What developed was our current name—Frontida. Taken from a Greek term, meaning to care and nurture, we felt this unique name captured the essence of our business values.  

After only a few months of ownership, it became clear that simply ‘overseeing’ the business wasn’t enough. We realized if we really wanted Frontida to become what we’d envisioned, it was time to fully immerse and invest ourselves into the fabric of how things were run.  

So that’s what we did.  

Crystal obtained her CBRF certifications and gained as much knowledge as she could from others in the field to embody the qualities of great leadership in high quality care.  

Then, when our executive director left in early 2010, she stepped into the role to implement extensive and fundamental change, from the ground up.  

At that crucial moment in Frontida’s history, we sat down and worked out what it would mean for Frontida to be successful on our terms.  

To us, success meant being able to provide a place where people could feel safe and cared for, a place they could truly feel at home. It also meant creating an exceptional working culture that staff would be proud to be a part of.  

This was the spark that led us to develop our set of values that would breathe life into Frontida, and steer us along the path to success—values that continue to guide us to this day. 

Looking back on where we began, to where we are now, words can’t describe how proud and grateful we are to all who have been part of the journey.  

With an eye toward the future, we’re even more excited to continue to enhance and uplift the lives of our residents and their families for years to come. 

With love and gratitude, 

Crystal & Steve Miller 

Frontida Assisted Living awards and accomplishments

Frontida Assisted Living has been honored to receive many awards and distinctions, which tell us we’re on the right track to deliver on our mission to provide the best in trustworthy, personalized senior living and care to the seniors of Wisconsin.  

Just some of our awards and recognitions include— 

2021 BizTimes Profile

2021 Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce

2018 Ovation Awards — Crystal Miller is awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

2017 Ovation Awards – Frontida Assisted Living receives the Fast Five Ovation Award

Speaking engagements and events