We are owners helping owners protect your investment

Meet Frontida Management Group

Our secret sauce to senior living investment and management success

Frontida Management Group (FMG), understands our clients’ need to protect your assets and maximize profitability.  

After all, we’re not just managers, we’re also proud owners and operators of our own senior living communities. This insider perspective gives us the edge you need to see your senior living goals succeed.  

Steve and Crystal Miller own and operate five of their own assisted living facilities and view themselves as owners helping owners protect and improve their equity.  

Along with their own team, they also manage the teams, operations, and facilities at each of their assisted living community locations—all while upholding the same values that have made them successful as operators in assisted living. 

Frontida Management Group is comprised of a team of dedicated members. In addition to our two hands-on owners, the FMG family also includes a Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Sales, Director of Finance, Director of Operations, Director of HR, Director of Healthcare Services (RN), and support staff in each department. 

FMG’s team is skilled at analyzing new opportunities for investors, working with the state of Wisconsin for licensing, opening new facilities, ensuring quality care and compliance, overseeing HR functions, and promoting the Frontida culture that has created many award-winning teams! 

And we’d love to help you achieve the same level of success! At Frontida Management Group, we truly care, for all the right reasons. 

Frontida Management Group’s growth

FMG is growing because we’re committed to building trust with investors and owners alike. Steve and Crystal Miller, the owners of FMG, own five assisted living facilities. As a result of this direct experience in the industry, owners who work with us benefit from our unique approach to treating their properties as our own. Because we understand the long and short-term strategies of senior living management, we’re uniquely positioned to help you maximize your investment outcomes.


The Frontida Management Group team

FMG invests in our leadership team, so we can provide a vast spectrum of experience and skills. Our executive team has two nurses, a nursing home administrator LNHA, several business professionals, a marketing team, and an HR team. Our CEO, Crystal Miller, is the current Chairman of the Board of the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association.


At Frontida Management Group, our culture is the foundation for our care

FMG invests in a workplace culture that follows and upholds our core company values. These values—Tell the Truth * Work Hard * Follow the Rules * Love Others * Have Fun—are the driving force behind what we do and how we approach and deliver great care. As a result of this solid, value-based foundation, we’ve won several awards and accolades, including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplace award six years in a row. In addition, FMG consistently holds training and workshops for all levels of team members, giving them the tools they need to develop communications and leadership skills. We believe great teams don’t happen by chance, and they’re at the core of every great accomplishment.

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Why choose to partner with Frontida Management Group?

Because experience matters.  

For over a decade, the leadership team at Frontida Assisted Living has been known as “the fixers.”  

Crystal Miller has proven to be a leader who can solve problems. As a result, FMG’s portfolio has grown because we understand the financial issues owners face and recognize the lack of resources a facility might have in systems that the FMG team can provide.  

The key to our success is coming together to find a solution, based on each owner’s unique goals and resources. 

Frontida Management Group will continue this legacy of problem-solving into the bright future.  

When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to our experienced team of executives. They’re skilled collaborators who will bring you targeted solutions in leadership, operations, clinical compliance, marketing, financial reporting, human resources, and back-office administration.   

Most importantly, they’ll help you establish the award-winning teamwork and culture development to tie all the pieces together. 

As owners of Wisconsin-based CBRFs, Steve and Crystal Miller care about what owners and investors like you care about. We’d be honored to help you protect your asset with the same care, expertise, and experience we’ve employed to nurture our own assets to flourish.  

In addition to focusing on stable operations, Crystal has invested in the long-term care industry through significant advocacy work at the state level. She is currently the Chairman of the Board for the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association. 

Frontida Management Group Growth

How Frontida Management Group protects your investment

With our proven, multifaceted approach, we’ll ensure your investments thrive.  

Learn more about how we help you reach your goals.  

Financial Partnership

Our accounting department will help you set a realistic budget, based on our experience.  

We know how to save money where it counts and invest money for the most significant return. 

Our monthly reporting will give you the tools to make valuable decisions. We value open communication and welcome questions and ideas. We treat your investment like our own. 

Compliance Partnership

Our operations teams take compliance seriously. We stay up to date on the state code and hold regular internal operation audits in your facility. In addition, our staff follows monthly, weekly, and daily checklists to keep your facility safe and compliant. 

Care Partnership

Our team of health care professionals oversees the health and wellbeing of the residents in your facility.  

We keep our residents happy, healthy and out of the hospital, through training, charting, and onsite evaluations.  

Your team will feel supported and have the resources at their fingertips to make critical decisions for the health of your residents. 

It’s time to get an award-winning senior living management team in your corner

Frontida’s awards and accomplishments

2021 BizTimes Profile

2021 Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce

2018 Ovation Awards — Crystal Miller is awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

2017 Ovation Awards – Frontida Assisted Living receives the Fast Five Ovation Award

Speaking engagements and events

Learn how we care for the people who call our Frontida communities home

Testimonials from Frontida residents

“Frontida is a lovely home. I can see why people in the community speak so highly of Frontida Assisted Living!”

Barb W.

“Since coming to Frontida, my niece is talking more clearly, socializing, and doing activities that she wouldn’t do before.”

Resident’s Aunt

Your mission to build trust is what drew me in from the beginning when my siblings and I were looking for a memory care home for mom. In the short time she has been there you have shown so much care and love to her.

Debbie Giles

“My cousin absolutely loves it at Frontida Assisted Living. She loves the people, loves the home, and really enjoys mingling with other residents.”

Resident’s Cousin

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful home for me to place Don in. I’d love to have him with me but cannot believe how happy I am to have Frontida and the great staff to take care of him–and me too. Thank you so much!