Frontida Assisted Living

Senior Care in Germantown

Assisted Living | Senior Care in Germantown

When seeking options for senior care in Germantown, finding a location that is nearby, dependable, nurturing, and compassionate are top-priorities. Frontida Assisted Living presents a compassionate assisted living community dedicated to providing one-on-one care.

Here at Frontida Assisted Living, we:

  • Promote a safe, independent lifestyle
  • Exemplary service and programming
  • Offer access to the care when and how they need it
  • Work diligently to provide fulfilling and entertaining activities
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Our Care

Tailored to meet the unique requirements of each resident within our community, our personalized senior care in Germantown grants them direct access to our reliable network of visiting physicians, nurses, podiatrists, and therapists, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips or waiting rooms.

Our Facility

We take great pride in providing a comfortable stay.

At our facility, comforts to enjoy include:


  • Registered nurses to oversee your loved one’s health and wellness
  • Fully handicapped-accessible suites that are private and fully furnishedsenior care in Germantown, senior care Germantown, Germantown senior care
  • A dedicated activities coordinator that plans and schedules meaningful activities for all residents
  • Salon services in house to enjoy and relax

Our aim is to transform our assisted living into a blessing rather than a restriction. We treat our residents with the same care as we would our own family, because that’s exactly what they are to us! Our approach to assisted living, rooted in tradition, suits those who may no longer feel secure living independently yet seek to maintain a significant level of independence.

Come visit Frontida Assisted Living and become part of the family!