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Assisted Living | Senior Care in Kenosha

If you’re looking for a caring and honest assisted living facility for senior care in Kenosha, Frontida Assisted Living is the perfect place. You want to choose somewhere close, trusted, nurturing, and caring. At Frontida Assisted Living, we offer a caring assisted living community with a focus on whole-person care.

Here at Frontida Assisted Living, we:senior care in Kenosha, Kenosha assisted living, assisted living for seniors in Kenosha

  • Promote a safe, independent lifestyle
  • Offer access to the care when and how they need it
  • Work diligently to provide fulfilling and entertaining activities
  • Exemplary service and programming

Our Care

At Frontida Assisted Living, we offer individualized care. When it comes to our individualized care plan, it’s built to fit the individual needs of each resident in our community. Because everyone is different and has their own needs, we contour our care around what it is that the individual needs. We also provide them with our trusted network of visiting physicians, nurses, podiatrists, and therapists. We remove the issue of having lengthy trips or waiting rooms for your loved one.

Our Facility

We pride ourselves on offering a comfortable stay.

At our facility, comforts to enjoy include:

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  • Fully handicapped-accessible suites that are private and fully furnished
  • Salon services in house to enjoy and relax
  • A dedicated activities coordinator that plans and schedules meaningful activities for all residents
  • Registered nurses to oversee your loved one’s health and wellness

We work to make our assisted living a gift and not a sentence. We care for our residents like they are our own family, because they are. Our more traditional-style assisted living care is ideal for residents who may not be able to safely live alone any longer, but still desire a high level of independence.

Come visit Frontida Assisted Living and join our family.