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Senior Respite Care in Kenosha

Senior Respite Care in Kenosha | Trusted, Caring & Compassionate

Trusting someone to care for your loved one can be difficult, whether they are on extended stay or if their stay is to be short term while they are recuperating. At Frontida Assisted Living, our highly-trained caregivers provide you with individualized care that conforms to the needs of our residents — whether recovering from an injury, emotional trauma or illness, or regular daily assistance, our staff is dedicated to creating a caring, supportive, and warm atmosphere. Providing individualized care plans that suit each resident’s specific level of care and personal interest is something we believe in.

Building trust is one of the most important things we do. To build trust… We listen. We nurture and uplift. We make any necessary treatments as pleasant as possible and as needed. We offer highly-trained, specialized staff. We encourage a healthy and fun community. We do everything we can to provide a safe and healthy environment. To ensure our residents always find fun in their daily activities, our team of expert and experienced caregivers interact authentically and genuinely with your loved one.

We treat all of our residents like a member of the family — because they are!

The Care in Senior Respite Care in Kenosha

With 24-hour supervision, we ensure the health, safety, and well-being of your loved one. Our residents have access to a full and trusted network of visiting physicians, nurses, podiatrists, and therapists. We ensure that any specialized care is handled in a timely and pleasant fashion. Because our residents and their comfort are important to us.

No matter how small the request or detail, we try to provide regular updates and keep the communication channels open and available for our resident’s families, so that you’re never out of the loop on what’s happening.

Let us help you or your loved one get back on the road to recovery with our senior respite care in Kenosha. Click the link below to schedule a visit today!

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