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Questions to Ask to Find the Best Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

Questions to Ask to Find the Best Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

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When searching for the right memory care community for your loved one, it’s important to be prepared with questions and to know what to look for during your personalized visits.

Frontida Assisted Living has had the privilege of serving families like yours since 2009 and are happy to offer guidance and support as you make this significant life decision. Find helpful tips and recommended questions to ask in your search for memory care in this blog.

Important Questions to Ask When Searching for a Memory Care Community

Consider asking the following questions during your tour:

  • What types of care assistance do you offer?
  • Do staff receive specialized training?
  • How many team members work in the community during each shift?
  • How are the residents kept safe and secure?
  • What do you do during a medical emergency? 
  • What are the monthly costs to live here, and what is included in the fee?
  • What additional costs can we expect?
  • Do you offer both private and semi-private suites?
  • What menu options are available each day?
  • What activities and special memory care programs do you provide?
  • How do you handle challenging behaviors like aggression, wandering, or agitation?
  • Do you take residents on outings outside of the community?
  • When can friends and family visit?
  • How are families involved in their loved one’s plan of care?
  • What happens when my loved one’s physical and cognitive health declines?

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Top Things to Look for When Visiting a Memory Care Community

Watch for details, use your five senses, and take good notes while you visit memory care communities. You can make a more confident decision when determining which community best fits your loved one.

Look for Details

Be observant of the grounds, sidewalks, secure outdoor spaces, and the condition of the buildings as you drive up to the memory care community. Watch how the residents and staff interact. How does the staff interact with you?

Once inside, note cleanliness and activities. Are corridors clear of obstacles? Are common and dining areas tidy? Are residents participating in activities with the staff?

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Use Your Five Senses

Sight – What do you see as you walk around the community? Do you notice positive interactions? Do the residents and staff seem happy? Does the environment feel comfortable, like home?

Smell – Do you notice any foul odors? Do you smell fresh cookies baking or lunch being prepared in the kitchen? Are there opportunities for fresh air to circulate through the community?

Touch – Can you locate handrails in the hallways or grab bars in the bathrooms? Does the furniture feel cozy?

Hear – Can you hear residents talking to each other and the staff? Is there music playing? Is there a special guest visiting to share a talent?

Taste – What does a typical meal taste like? Do the residents have choices for meals, drinks, and snacks?

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Take Good Notes

You may feel like taking notes isn’t unnecessary, but writing down your observations can be beneficial when weighing options between a few communities. Without reminders, you can easily forget the differences between memory care communities, especially if you’ve visited several places.

Don’t be afraid to schedule more than one visit so you can ask additional questions and gather more details. You’ll want to ensure you feel confident about choosing the best memory care community for your loved one.

Feel at Home at Frontida Assisted Living   

Frontida Assisted Living values transparency and trust in each of our Wisconsin communities, and our team is ready to answer your questions, offer support, and provide resources to help you make a confident and informed decision for your loved one’s future care. 

Our compassionate team strives to create a sense of community and purpose for each resident through personalized programming, life-enriching activities, and special events.   

Each Frontida community maintains a garden to incorporate seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables into our menus. We encourage healthy choices and well-balanced meals.   

Learn how we care for our residents:  

  • Private suites, bedrooms, and companion rooms
  • Fully accessible, private bathrooms 
  • Spacious living rooms and engaging indoor recreation areas
  • Cozy fireplaces and open-plan seating in living spaces 
  • Beautifully maintained outdoor areas 
  • Access to a trusted network of physicians, nurses, podiatrists, and therapists
  • Delicious, home-cooked meals and snacks
  • 24-hour personal care and supervision 
  • Comfortable spa and salon (in specific locations) 
  • Dedicated memory care communities
  • Specialized mental health care communities 
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Individualized care plans
  • Dedicated Life Enrichment Coordinators to plan and schedule meaningful activities for all residents
  • Dedicated Registered Nurse to oversee the health and wellness of each resident  

We value honesty, trust, and open communication to build relationships with our residents and their loved ones. Together, we form a partnership to ensure your loved one lives a fulfilling life, feeling a sense of belonging and purpose.  

Download a copy of our memory care guide to learn more about your options. When you’re ready, contact any of our 11 Frontida assisted living and memory care communities to gather more, or to set up a personalized tour. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

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