Eating and Dietary Needs

Healthy eating can make all the difference. And all these posts talk about how to help it work.

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Hazards in Eating and Mealtime

veggie bowl

Getting Choked Up on Eating: How Grandma’s Mealtime Could Mean “Hazard Ahead!”

In our later years, eating isn’t always easy, and choking hazards are a real issue. Here are some of the causes of this kitchen nightmare.

dining table by a window with four chairs

Preparing the Dining Room: Preventing More Mealtime Hazards for Grandpa

Hidden dangers can lurk around every corner of Grandpa’s plate. The room itself could be a problem. Here are some safe ways to set the table.

how to balance meals for seniors

How to Balance Meals for Seniors: Even More Eating Hazards for Grandparents

Having a balanced diet is important, so what’s in Grandpa’s cupboards, how is it prepared, and how does it affect him when he eats it?

Tweaking Menus

tasty ways to cut butter from Thanksgiving

When You Can’t Butter ’Em Up: 5 Ways to Help Grandma Enjoy a Low-Fat Di

What happens when the doctor tells Grandma it’s time to go low-fat?

sugar-free alternatives for Christmas baking

When Santa Can’t Do Sugar Cookies: Will Sweeteners By Any Other Name Still Taste as Sweet?

You can still enjoy Christmas desserts EVEN if you have to go sugar-free.

Salt-free Thanksgiving recipe ideas for Grandparents

Your Salt-Free Thanksgiving: 5 Ways to Help Grandpa Enjoy Dinner

The doctor says no salt.

So what now? Is Grandpa destined to eat bland food?

Other Posts that Connect to Eating

When Memory Loss Escapes Her Mind: Dementia’s Attack on the Body

Memory loss doesn’t just affect the brain. It progressively affects the whole body, especially the eyes. Here are some positive ways to help when her brain and body aren’t connecting.

Simple Clues for Knowing If Your Aging Parents Need Help

7 Simple Clues to Know If Your Aging Dad Needs Help

Dad seems to be slowing down.

You don’t want to take away his independence, but you’re worried about him.

How can you know if it’s time to call in reinforcements?

5 Steps to Following Directions and Why Dementia Won't Let Grandma Do It

The 5 Steps to Following Directions (and Why Dementia Won’t Let Grandma Do It)

Even simple requests require several mental steps to process. Most of the time, we jump from one to the next without much thought. But Dementia and Alzheimer’s can short-circuit any of them. Where are the possible hurdles?

Understanding the Pre-Assessment--What the Nurses Ask and Why They Need to Know

Understanding the Pre-Assessment: What They Ask and Why They Need to Know

A nurse is coming to pre-screen Dad, checking to see if he can move into assisted living. How he eats will probably be something that comes up.

Help Grandpa Enjoy the Party Without Ruining the Rest of His Week

How to Help Grandpa Enjoy the Party (Without Ruining the Rest of His Week)

How do you set up the family party so Grandpa enjoys it–without ruining the rest of the week? Here are 12 super helpful ideas–including some about food.

Getting to Know Grandparents Over a Meal

6 Fun Things to Make at Teatime with Grandparents

6 Fun Things to Make at Teatime with Grandparents

There’s nothing like having a tea party with Grandma and Grandpa.

So here are some ideas of food and fun for the even

Good Eats in Grandma's Good Ol' Days: Where She Shopped and What She Ate

Good Eats in Grandma’s Good Ol’ Days: Where She Shopped & What She Ate

Our current retail supply chain issues make me wonder what grandparents lived with—or without—for stores and food in their younger years.

What Grandpa Wishes You Knew About Him—100 Questions to Ask Him

There’s something Grandpa wants you to know. He was young once.

And his walker doesn’t define him.

Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

The Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

The Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

A list of all the articles that you can find here on Frontida’s site to help you with your questions about aging.