Physical Health and Safety

It’s no secret our bodies change as we get older. They don’t work the same way as they used to, and that can bring out all sorts of new situations. Check out these posts for ways to make sure everyone stays physically healthy.

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When Physical Problems Arise


She's Fallen. Can She Get Up? How to Know When One Fall is Too Many

She’s Fallen – Can She Get Up? How to Know When One Fall Is Too Many

“Grandma fell.”

It’s the call you don’t want to get. And you’re left wondering, WHAT NOW?

Prevent Falling with These Three Simple Signs

What if we could reduce their falls by 88%? These three things to check could do just that!

Sickness, Disease, and Staying Healthy

Identifying the tricky bladder infection in the elderly

UTIs: When You Need to Be an NCIS Agent to Recognize One

Don’t let a urinary tract infection mislead you!

Those sneaky symptoms can hide in plain sight, making you think the problem is entirely something else (like memory loss!)

What should you be looking for to detect a UTI?

How to Survive the Unexpected Stay in Rehab

How to Survive the Unexpected Stay in Rehab

You’re suddenly laid up with something in a cast, and you’re ready to climb the walls.

Hang tight, Spiderman.

We’ve got ideas to help you make it through this.

Why Exercise is Important and a few moves to try

Why Exercise Is Important for Seniors (and a few moves for you to try!)

Most of us think exercise helps us lose weight. That calorie-in-calorie-out thing. It can do that.

But it also offers a host of other benefits, especially for seniors.

The Where, When, What, How of Exercising

The When, Where, What, and How of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Every-day items, every-day spaces can work wonders.

Check out these guidelines for the basics.

Great Ways to Exercise for Seniors

Yes, You Can Exercise, and Here’s How to Do It

You want to keep the strength and mobility you have? 

You need to keep moving.

Check out these exercises–there’s something for everyone, no matter how mobile you are.

Simple Clues for Knowing If Your Aging Parents Need Help

7 Simple Clues to Know If Your Aging Dad Needs Help

Dad seems to be slowing down.

You don’t want to take away his independence, but you’re worried about him.

How can you know if it’s time to call in reinforcements?

Road Trips and Outings

Important Tips to Remember for Traveling with Grandparents

Important Tips to Remember Before You Hit the Road with the Grandparents

Taking a trip with Grandma? The memories will be sweet.

Here are some steps in the right direction to be sure she travels comfortably.

Tips to Be Sure Grandparents are Safe for the Summer

5 Summer Tips to Keep Grandparents Safe

Summer is lots of fun. But you’ll want to protect grandparents from the less fun parts of the season.

Dementia and Memory Loss

When Memory Loss Escapes Her Mind: Dementia’s Attack on the Body

Memory loss doesn’t just affect the brain. It progressively affects the whole body, especially the eyes. Here are some positive ways to help when her brain and body aren’t connecting.

5 Steps to Following Directions and Why Dementia Won't Let Grandma Do It

The 5 Steps to Following Directions (and Why Dementia Won’t Let Grandma Do It)

Even simple requests require several mental steps to process. Most of the time, we jump from one to the next without much thought. But Dementia and Alzheimer’s can short-circuit any of them. Where are the possible hurdles?

Making Sure Their Physical Space Meets Their Needs

Mistakes to Avoid When Your Parents are Aging

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Your Parents Are Aging

Mom and Dad are getting older, which means lots of changes are on the way. But certain mistakes make the course that much harder for everybody.

Decluttering Your Parents' Home

Getting Ahead of the Pack: Decluttering Your Parents’ Home

It’s one thing to declutter your own place, another, to do someone else’s. How do you downsize Mom and Dad without kicking everyone to the curb?

Understanding the Pre-Assessment--What the Nurses Ask and Why They Need to Know

Understanding the Pre-Assessment: What They Ask and Why They Need to Know

A nurse is coming to pre-screen Dad, checking to see if he can move into assisted living. What will the nurse be looking for? And why can’t they just take everyone?

Moving to Assisted Living: How To Help Your Parents Get Used to that New Home Feel

Moving to Assisted Living: How to Help Parents Get Used to that New Home Feel

How can you help your parents not just live in the room, but feel at home at their senior living community?

How to Make Mom's Room Her Own

How to Make Mom’s Room Her Own

You’re ready to move Mom into assisted living, but how do you make her space feel less like a dormitory and more like her home?

Getting to Know Grandparents When They Were Young

What Grandpa Wishes You Knew About Him—100 Questions to Ask Him

There’s something Grandpa wants you to know. He was young once.

And his walker doesn’t define him.

What Grandma and Grandpa Played When They Were Young

All Fun and Games: What Grandma and Grandpa Played When They Were Young

“They don’t make ’em like they used to.”

What toys did Grandma and Grandpa get as children for Christmas? Birthdays? Easter? And why does it matter?

Physical Support for Caregivers

Love You Forever--Robert MunschHow to Beat Caregiver Burnout

Survival Guide to Overcoming Burnout

Caregiver burnout is a real thing.

How can you get the rest you need to beat burnout while still honoring your loved one? We’ve got some ideas for you.

When You Can't Be There to Say Goodbye

When You Can’t Be There to Say Goodbye

How can you say goodbye when you can’t hold their hands?

Help Grandpa Enjoy the Party Without Ruining the Rest of His Week

How to Help Grandpa Enjoy the Party (Without Ruining the Rest of His Week)

How do you set up the family party so Grandpa enjoys it–without ruining the rest of the week? Here are 12 super helpful ideas.

Choosing Help for Dad without Fighting the Family

How to Choose Help for Dad without Fighting the Family

Dad needs help. You’ve been looking at assistance options—and now it’s time to bring your family on board.

You all need to talk. How do you do it so you work together?

Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

The Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

The Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

A list of all the articles that you can find here on Frontida’s site to help you with your questions about aging.