Gifts and Activities

There’s nothing like gifts or activities to brighten their day. Here are some ideas.

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Fun Activities Year-Round

Fun Inside Activities for Grandparents

Activities for When You’re Stuck Inside

Rain, sleet, snow, or potential illness can make the day drag. Try these fun activities that Grandparents can do inside.

fun easy food craft ideas for grandparents

Yummy Treats that’ll Have Grandparents Feeling like Kids Again

Whether it’s Grandma and her friends or Gramps and the grandkids, these easy food crafts will be as enjoyable to make as they are to eat.

6 Fun Things to Make at Teatime with Grandparents

6 Fun Things to Make at Teatime with Grandparents

There’s nothing like having a tea party with Grandma and Grandpa.

So here are some ideas of food and fun for the even

summertime activities fun for all generations

Summertime Activities that are Fun for All Generations

Grandparents aren’t up for long hikes? No problem! These activities will build beautiful memories while giving ’em a chance to reminisce on days gone by.

Gifts You Can Wrap

Handmade Gifts for Grandparents

You can’t go wrong with something truly unique. Going home-made is the perfect chance to show Grandma and Grandpa how much you care while creating a keepsake.

Valentines for Grandma

Valentines for Grandma (12 Outside-the-[Chocolate]-Box Ideas)

Need ideas for Valentines for Grandma? Here are twelve charming ways to show Grandma how much you love her.

Easter Gifts for Grandma

Last-Minute Gifts to Fill Grandma’s Easter Basket

Time to fill an Easter basket full of gifts for the Grandparents, the perfect way to put some spring in their step.

Blue Gifts to Chase Their Blues Away

Gifts to Chase their Blues Away

Mom, Dad, Grandparents feeling a little down? isolated? overwhelmed? sad? Why not brighten their day with “blue gifts”?

How to Make Mom's Room Her Own

How to Make Mom’s Room Her Own

how do you make her space feel less like a dormitory and more like her home?

It’s all about what you bring in. (Perfect for gifting.)


Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Santa

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Senior Santas (and the Loved Ones Who Care for Them)

Tried-and-true presents that can make spirits bright all year long.

Gifts that Come from Listening

What Grandpa Wishes You Knew About Him—100 Questions to Ask Him

There’s something Grandpa wants you to know. He was young once.

And his walker doesn’t define him.

What Grandma and Grandpa Played When They Were Young

All Fun and Games: What Grandma and Grandpa Played When They Were Young

“They don’t make ’em like they used to.”

What toys did Grandma and Grandpa get as children for Christmas? Birthdays? Easter? And why does it matter?

Good Eats in Grandma's Good Ol' Days: Where She Shopped and What She Ate

Good Eats in Grandma’s Good Ol’ Days: Where She Shopped & What She Ate

Our current retail supply chain issues make me wonder what grandparents lived with—or without—for stores and food in their younger years. .

Entertainment in Grandma's Good Ol' Days--Radios, Movies, and Phones, Oh, My!

Entertainment in Grandma’s Good Ol’ Days (Radios and Movies and Phones, Oh, My!)

One crazy undeniable truth about technology? What you buy today may very well be obsolete tomorrow. So what did grandparents have when they were young? Gift them with listening.

Fun Facts about Grandma's Good Ol' Days--Technology Keeping It Cool (and Hot)

Tell Me ’Bout the Good Ol’ Days–When Grandma First Got Air Conditioning (or a Toaster)

What technology would our grandparents (and great-grandparents) have been excited about getting when they were young? Or wished they’d get?

Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

The Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

The Comprehensive Guide to All Things Aging

A list of all the articles that you can find here on Frontida’s site to help you with your questions about aging.